BLUESKY SATELLITE is a team of experts experienced in design, engineering, installation, programming, marketing and research works. We ensure the success of every project that we do since we open in 1998.

The quality of support and service provided by our team of specialists solution has become a business card of the BLUESKY SATELLITE in the sphere of Hospitality Industry Enterprises and residential custom jobs.

We have been serving the Florida’s South East Coast since 2001, helping homeowners and the vast array of businesses and Government Agencies automate and enjoy their audio and visual systems.

The relationships that we establish with our clients are built on trust, service and dependability, resulting in a long lasting relationship. Our trained staff provides complete attention to detail - from the initial design of your project, to educating you thoroughly on the capabilities and operation of your new system. We pride ourselves in conducting business with the utmost of integrity, reliability, and creativity. This ensures that the engineering and implementation of a cohesive system is logical, priced competitively, and tailored precisely to your needs.

Our installations allow you the flexibility of dealing with a simple-to-use system, utilizing the most advanced technology available for just about any environment. We will work very closely with your builder, designer, and other contractors, to create a perfect balance between form and function.

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